Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today I was racist

Today, I proved that I am mean nasty not-nice racist white person by voting for Romney.

Well, okay, technically I proved that last week, since I did early voting.

And I didn't so much vote for Romney as I voted against the administration that allows Eric  "Fast and Furious" Holder to stay in office and doesn't seem to believe in the War Powers act.

And in actuality, if you're going to call me a racist for voting against a black candidate, then I can call you racist for voting for a black candidate. Or I can call you a racist for voting against a white candidate.

Can't we all just agree that
  1. Accusations of Racism are the Godwin's Law of politics, and
  2. We have much better reasons for hating each other's guts? Skin color is so superficial. Let's hate each other for deep and meaningful differences in philosophy. 
Play me out, Blue October!

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you
Hate me in ways, yeah ways hard to swallow
Hate me so you can finally see whats good for you


  1. Not sure why this keeps showing on my RPG Blog Alliance feed.

  2. Because I talk about RPGs, as well as My Little Pony, guns, and (very occasionally) politics. 

    When I joined RPGBA, I gave them the link to the feed with just the "Role-Playing Games" tag. I don't know why the feed mentions everything I write. 

  3. Umm, it seems like you're the only one calling your actions or yourself racist here. But I only read your blog. What are you responding to here?

  4. You're right, no one has specifically called me, Erin Palette, a racist. But it's a favorite talking point among folks like Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Janeane Garofalo, etc that if you disagree with Obama it's because you're a racist. 

  5. Hasn't EVERY president since the act was implemented declared that they don't believe in the war powers act?

  6. Yeah, Its not that I really dislike Obama all that much, its that he picks really stupid people like Eric to help him. Theres a couple others like that too.


  7. You're right.  The purpose of calling you either a Nazi or a racist is to make you respond to that charge.  If you're a politician, you waste your time and money replying to their charge - going "off message" and talking about what you believe.  If you refuse to respond to it, because you know its utter bull, you deprive them of that power. 

    SiGraybeard @ work 

  8. I didn't vote for Romney. Does that mean I'm not a racist? Not that it matters, since I hear that the Christians' god decides who goes to hell based on skin tone rather than one's actions anyway.

    Voting re:Holder- Romney refused to raise the Fast & Furious issue, giving Obama a free out. The only difference a Romney administration would have made is that he'd have appointed his own (probably equally bad) AG, and the ATF would _still_ be out of control. Bear in mind that it _was_ a Republican administration that ran Wide Receiver. But at least they tried to track some of the guns that time, and shut down when they failed.

  9. The blogger doth protest too much.

  10. I prefer to call it "Taking the piss," but essentially yes. 


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