Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mom Update: Not good news

Well, this isn't good news:  Mom is staying another night in the hospital because she is having trouble swallowing.  They think it's because she's over-medicated -- mom has always had low tolerance for narcotics -- so they're going to change the drug regimen and see if that makes a difference. Because they can't release her until she can swallow on her own.

This actually worries me.


  1. Wishing your mom a speedy recovery!

  2. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for your mom and for peace of mind for you. 

  3. Hopes for a speedy recovery and your mother's reaction to the drugs improving.

  4. Generally speaking this is more of a complication than something to worry yourself about too much (as opposed to any illness or issue itself). Stay calm, stay focused and my thoughts are with you. *Hugs*

  5. From experience, I can say that narcotics will do interesting things to various "semi-automatic" peristaltic(sp?) muscle actions. They typically restart after a few days when the body processes all of the drugs and they no longer have any traces of "stop doing things" impeding nerve signals.

    Morphine-induced constipation was an ugly surprise for my hospital stay, and my father also had swallow issues after his surgery, but those cleared after a few days.

    Hoping for the best,


  6. Hope that it's just a simple complication and she'll be fine once the drugs wear off.  And hoping that improvement is sooner rather than later; worrying about someone else who is helpless always makes me feel more helpless than being helpless myself.


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