Monday, January 7, 2013

A quick thought from your local gunbrony

My name is Erin Palette. I am a brony, and I legally carry a concealed firearm. I do not see a contradiction between these two things. 

I like My Little Pony because it is fun, and wholesome, and promotes good values. I find the brony mantra of "Love and Tolerance" to be perfectly congruent with my Christian faith. 

I like guns because shooting paper targets at the range is fun. I carry a gun not because I want to kill, but because I do not wish to be killed by others. I will not harm anyone who does not act to harm me. 

I am okay with you not being comfortable with guns. I am not trying to shove one into your hand. I just ask that you show me the same consideration and not try to take the best means of self-defense out of mine.

But you know what? Even if you do feel that way, I will still defend you if you attacked, because that's how people -- humans and ponies alike -- are supposed to treat each other. 

THAT is love and tolerance. 

Context, for those who are confused:

There is a person out there on Twitter who calls herself a brony -- and, in fact, even has Rainbow Dash's cutie mark as her Twitter avatar -- but who has the habit of labelling law-abiding folks with whom she disagrees as "terrorists."

Now, lest you be confused as to whom is calling that girl a terrorist, let me show you the original:

So yeah, when someone who is a brony, and therefore supposedly follows the creed of "Love & Tolerance" labels a girl acting in lawful self-defense a terrorist... yeah, that's not loving and tolerant, that's reactionary and hate-filled.

When I said as much over on Linoge's blog, this was posted:

So just to be 100% clear: I am perfectly fine with Lou having opinions and not being a doormat. My problem is with Lou calling everyone with whom she disagrees a terrorist, and trying to take away that girl's right to self-defense because she doesn't like guns.

I'm really curious about how she feels about police. After all, they carry guns (which are only good for murder) and that makes them terrorists. So that must mean she will never ever call the police, right? I don't ever want to see this woman hurt, but by this logic if she's ever threatened or assaulted or worse, she can't call 911 because that's taking aid and comfort from a terrorist.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that just because someone marches under the flag of something, it doesn't mean they actually believe it. This makes me sad, but I will do my best to love them anyway.

Your obedient subject, 
Powder Flash


  1. Awesome! Keep up the good work. :-)

  2. "This is what LEGAL GUN OWNERS do with their weapons!"

    Yeah that's kinda why most people own weapons, to defend themselves lol

  3. Sounds like Lou is another unthinking Kool-Aid drinker. S/He has apparently never seen the real world, which is ugly, hateful and dangerous. There are people in every city that would kill you for no other reason than they think it would be fun or even just because they wanted to do it. I'm glad that this person does not have to live in the real world but can instead live in the safe world that has been constructed for them.

    And is guarded by people with guns. 

  4. You will love and tolerate the shit out of people, even if they're a little too ivory tower for reality. Not everyone gets to live in the Canterlot Palace, after all.

  5. So it is extremely likely that this "Fiona" character over my way is either a sockpuppet or not what she claims to be.  I had suspected as much.  

    I dare say you left out some of the more-choice quotes from Lou Gagliardi, though...  For example:  

    "except they don't. the ONLY influence is murder. so unless you're pro-murder, which gun owners are, it has no positive influence."

    "It" being firearms, of course.  Or:  

    "Al-Qaeda had guns, right? thus gun owners = terrorists. you're no better then Al-Qaeda"  

    I keep trying to convince myself that her account is a parody, specifically engineered to expose and demonstrate just how deranged and insane anti-rights cultists can be...  but then I see her ranting about "conservatives" or see her blog (I shall not link to it, but can email you if you like), and that idea just falls flat on its face.  

    I sincerely hope she gets the help she most obviously needs.  

  6. I found her blog by skimming her Tweets. She seems... excessively angry. Ready to take virulent offense at anyone who thinks differently than she.  I hope that blogging and tweeting is how she deals with stress, because otherwise I think she will develop severe health issues (high blood pressure, aneurysm, etc) from this unresolved anger at the world. 

    And yes, I could have included more, but I wanted to keep this post succinct. If I had gone for a "catalog of crazy" I would have been here all night. 

  7. It's easier to *say* you walk the path than to actually walk it.   It's funny the Mane 6 are more than willing to defend themselves...

    But logic isn't something that really works when dealing with a person who sees a mother defending her children and gets angry because of the tool said mother used.

  8. Oh, true, but that last one really trips my WTF-o-meter.  

  9. I think folks like this suffer from projecting their crazy onto others.  If Lou and her ilk had a gun, they WOULD shoot you for having 11 items in the 10 items or less line when all they had was a gallon of milk and they were already late.  

  10. Pinkie Pie has a party cannon. 

    Pinkie Pie used her cannon against the Changelings in the Season 2 ender. 

    Therefore, Pinkie Pie is a terrorist. 

  11. I'm sure the person in question would say it was *okay* because Pinkie Pie was working for the Princess.  Only Ones et al.

  12. Name-calling is schoolyard. If "Lou Gagliardi" is old enough to have a driver's license, it would surprise me. 

    Could be a liberal, though. Quite a few of them seem to be frozen at a fourteen year old state of development. "Young at heart" isn't actually an attractive trait.

  13. She's 30. And I'm not surprised to find other people are getting the same treatment from her as I've gotten on Facebook. Her and I are both from Pittsburgh and have come across each other's comments on WPXI and WTAE's facebook posts... I've also been told I should be raped, shot, have my son taken from me, etc etc etc. all because she disagrees with my beliefs and politics (libertarian).


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