Thursday, June 27, 2013


Still playing catch-up. I have to take my father car shopping this afternoon, so this might be the only chance I have to post something today. Therefore, I present you with this postulate:

I put it to you that bullets are not, in fact, solid. Rather, they are an incompressible fluid that flows from areas of greater concentration (magazines and ammo stores) to areas of lesser concentration (downrange).

I base this conclusion upon these facts:

  • Ammunition naturally exists in a state of disorder unless acted upon by an outside force (such as being loaded into a magazine)
  • Ammunition naturally seeks the lowest point (drop a box and find out)
  • Ammunition, collectively, has a specific volume but no specific shape (empty a box into your range bag)
  • Ammunition expands (explosively) when heated 
  • Ammunition contracts (albeit slightly) when cooled
  • Ammunition of one type will readily mix with ammunition of other types (such as, say, inside an ammo box or your range bag)
I realize this will immediately cause contention based upon the premise that different magazines and firearms will not accept all forms of ammunition. I put it to you that this is a shortcoming with the holding vessels (magazines) and bullet-permeable membranes (firearms) and not with the ammunition. After all, will not a Taurus Judge fire both .410 shotshells and .45 Long Colt?

Discuss amongst yourselves. 


  1. Observation: The 30-cal (7.62mm) bullet is the same for many cartridges, but the powder/casing combination results in a structural variation that may or may not be acceptable to certain magazines or firearms.

    Corollary: I propose that magazines and firearms are semi-bullet-permeable membranes, in that they will allow only isomers of a particular geometric structure through.

    Also, I'd add that somewhere between the ammo store and my ammo cabinet is an invisible non-bullet-permeable membrane. I can't seem to find anything that will move to the cabinet from the store! :(

  2. I approve of Archer's Corollary.

  3. That's not a mixed bag. That's .45, 9mm and .22 in solution.

  4. Interesting concepts, and I can't fault ANY of your points! :-)

  5. Jenny EverywhereJune 28, 2013 at 7:36 PM

    Ammunition also exhibits chaos and turbulence. Just drop a loaded mag into a purse, and try to find it 3 seconds later.


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