Friday, June 7, 2013

I have been Ponified!

Meet Powder Flash, my alter ego (and pony version of the huntress picture to your upper left), expertly drawn by the unsinkable Joie Brown herself!

Joie is running a deal where she will draw a ponysona of your choice for only $15, but act now! There are only 5 slots left!

Email her at to reserve a slot along with a description of what you want your design to be. Larger/more complicated designs may cost more, but consultation is free!

Powder Flash is Ponyville's resident expert on all things that go bang!  She mixes various explosive powders for use in fireworks, construction, and Pinkie Pie's party cannon.  She uses her ponykinesis to manipulate the precision tools of her trade, and her unicorn magic (which is gunmetal gray in color) allows her to operate in perfect safety by neutralizing combustion until she's ready to try out her custom mixtures. Then, with a touch of her unicorn "powder horn,"  she can set off a a show to amaze and delight her friends!

Yes, I just made a pony that mixes gunpowder and makes firecrackers and other explosives. If you think that she might also have a black-powder rifle in her cottage that she shoots via ponykinesis...  well, you'd be right. ;)

I will stat her up for Unknown Ponies soon!  :D


  1. So full of win.

  2. Now you need to team up with "Powder Tattoo"...

  3. Cool. But honestly, I'm surprised this didn't happen a lot sooner.

  4. Joie was busy getting her degree, and I didn't have a lot of disposable cash. This was a case of right time, right place, right price.

  5. And the hat ties it all together!

  6. That is beyond cool!!! What a perfect moniker as well!.


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