Thursday, March 13, 2014

Birthday Wrap-Up

Sorry about not having a post yesterday, folks -- I was worn out from having too much birthday!  Also, having to get up very early and run errands all day contributed to that as well.

Starting off, I am posting this picture of my finished cake in order to make my mom feel better. I don't think she expected me to take a picture of the "plague cake" and immediately post it all over social media! So in the interest of fairness, here is the properly decorated version:

Yes, hearts, because awww.

Gunz 'n Poniez

Mom thinks it's hilarious to buy me pony toys for Christmas and birthday. Who am I to tell her to stop? The reactive targets, of course, are always useful.

I also got some spending money for my upcoming NRAAM trip, and an Amazon gift card from my big brother.

I also got a ton of birthday wishes from people here and on Facebook!  Thank you so much. I lost count after a hundred or so, but believe me, I read every single one and they all made me smile!  :D

However, I do want to give a special shout-out to Awelowynt, who decided to fulfill his dream of, and I quote, "ordering you an actual Glock from Amazon."

No link to Amazon for it because I don't want to know how much it cost!  It's a VERY nice blade, however, and while I haven't tested it yet I can tell you this much:

  • It is Properly Sharp. One of the few knives I haven't had to sharpen after opening the package!
  • It looks like a bayonet, except it doesn't have a mounting bracket. 
  • It feels like a dagger/combat knife, both in terms of length and how it feels in my hand. It's definitely more weapon than tool.

And finally, while not technically a present, I received a literal family of camping stoves to test from Bushcraft Essentials!
Micro Stove, Pocket Stove, and Bushbox XL 

Yes, that's an OMG SO ADORABLE little baby stove on the left. Both mom and I squee'd with delight when we saw it!  I am looking forward to testing them all. 

This blog post needs a conclusion, but I can't think of one, so... uh... purple dishwasher. 

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