Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's mah birfday...

... and I'm still 10mm, dammit! ;)

( .40 caliber = 10.160 mm; .41 caliber = 10.414 mm)

Anyway, this exchange actually happened last night:
Mom, from the kitchen: "Your birthday cake has the plague."
Me, getting up from the computer to come see: "Why, does it have buboes?"
*sees cake*
Me: "... yep, it sure does."
The pox marks are actually where the chocolate chips melted
and stuck to the pan rather than come out with the cake.
My weirdness... I come by it honestly.

Speaking of weirdness, Herr Kapitan Von pointed out to me that I share a birthday with not one by TWO science fiction luminaries:

You know what? For John Barrowman, I'll swing that way. Have them both washed and brought to my room immediately!

Nah, I'm just joking. :)

... don't bother washing them!  ;)

But for realz, everypony, just wish me a happy birthday (and I keep forgetting my blogiversary -- Lurking Rhythmically turned 7 years old back in February!) in the comments section. 

And now, I'm going to veg out and watch science-fiction TV while gorging on my Pox Cake.  Have a great day and do something geeky and fun in my name!

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