Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where's Erin?

I'm certain that many of you have been wondering why I haven't been posting or blogging about my adventures at NRACon. The short answer is that during the week I was gone, my mother's condition worsened and she's now effectively become an invalid, barely able to move and constantly in pain.

As such, I have had to take over all of her duties as well as my own, and also take care of her. This has consumed pretty much all of my free time and I'm only able to get online for short bursts while she naps in a chair in the living room.

This basically means that until such time as she finally receives care for her ailment -- the most recent diagnosis is loss of disks in her lower back, exactly what happened to her neck last year and probably requiring surgery -- my free time is going to drop to nearly zero with these increased responsibilities.

Until this situation resolves itself, I won't be able to do any serious blogging. I have no idea when that will be; I hope it will be soon, but I rather doubt it will change before summer.

I will keep you all posted. In return, please keep my family in your prayers.

Thank you.

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