Monday, April 7, 2014

A general lack of pony-related activity lately

I've fallen behind on my "Sunday, Pony Sunday" series.  This is due partly to the fact that I can't see the episode until Sunday night at the very latest (and by then, the internet has already analyzed the episode to a fare-thee-well and turned it into memes), and partly because I'm very disappointed that the promised season-long arc of "We have to figure out how to unlock the McGuffin from the 2-part opener" hasn't been delivered on in even the slightest manner.

However, some fun pony-related April Foolery occurred last week, and I figured I'd share this.  I was going to write it up yesterday -- again, for Pony Sunday -- but I went to go see "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" instead.

So first of all, there's this gem:

While this is cute and all, I feel they missed a hilarious opportunity to make a Soul Coughing reference, what with the Biggest Pony being a super Bon Bon and all. ;)

Move aside, and let the mare go through... let the mare go through!

As a point of curiosity: Every time I look up this song, I am always surprised that it wasn't written by Cypress Hill.

The next video is another April Fool's joke, but it's less silly and more "Oh yeah, that would be cool!"

Did anyone else get a "Firefly" vibe from that?  I think it's the music more than anything else that makes me think that.

Speaking of both ponies and Firefly.... my job as "Patient Zero" in the continuing Brony-fication of the gunblogs has claimed another victim  (well, sorta-kinda, but he's wearing the shirt, so I count it as a win even if he hasn't watched the show):

Go read his post on the matter.  He says he's going to wear it to at least one carmeet, and I plant to hold him to that.

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