Monday, December 1, 2014

Palette's Product Reviews: LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet

I've established by now that I am a big fan of bayonets. After all, a gun without bullets is just a club, but add a bayonet and even an empty gun becomes a spear.

So when I discovered that the Red Lion Precision Front Sight had a forward rail that was just perfect for mounting a bayonet to my Sub-2000, I immediately went looking for one that would attach to a tactical rail.

As it turns out, I could only find ONE rail-mounted bayonet for sale: the LaserLyte Pistol Bayonet.

The Bad News
  1. It's a pistol bayonet, which means it's short. Depending from where you start measuring, it's either 2.75" long (from tip to the end of the working edge) or3.5" long (tip to hilt). 
  2. I'm not sure how strong the mounting bracket is. It's made from glass-filled nylon, but I haven't stabbed things with it to see if the quick-release tabs break under sufficient force. My guess is "probably". 
  3. It's difficult to hold. The hilt is small -- I have small fingers and I can only get three fingers around it, so men may have difficulty with that.What's more, the mounting bracket is molded into the grip, meaning it's awkward to hold comfortably. I managed this grip which works okay, but then I also have tiny hobbit hands: 
The Good News
  1. It's from Ka-Bar, which has been making knives for the U.S. Marine Corps since World War 2. They have a reputation which carries weight, and they are unlikely to throw it away on some novelty. 
  2. The knife is carbon steel and has a full tang. 
  3. The factory edge is acceptably sharp.

My Rating:  A 
This is due mostly to the fact it's inexpensive and makes me giggle. For pure functionality, it's a B at most; even if it doesn't work as a bayonet, it's still a nice knife. For actual bayoneting it's probably a C.

Yes, it's a novelty item, but it's one that has good characteristics (sharp, full tang, carbon steel) and comes from a good company. Best of all, it's only $16 at Amazon, so even if you buy it and don't like it you aren't out much. Sure, the quick-release tabs might fail if you need to stab one with it (and I sincerely hope you never do), but 1) knives have a psychological effect on people when pointed in their direction, so it might not ever come to that, and 2) I'm pretty sure you can get in one stab even if it breaks after that.

Besides, it's fun. Aren't hobbies supposed to be fun? Do it because it makes you happy, not because guns are SRS BSNS.

Obligatory FTC Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money. Go away. 

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