Thursday, June 4, 2015

Follow-up to last post (Caitlyn Jenner part 2)

There's a lovely article at the Washington Post titled "For God So Loved Caitlyn Jenner".  Go read the whole thing, but here's a taste:
What I do know is insulting transgendered people by mocking them does not gain us a hearing for the gospel. Mockery is not a characteristic of Jesus.

We do not have to understand the situation to love those in it. We do not have to understand why some have gender reassignment surgery to love those who have had it. We do not have approve of abortion to love the woman who had one or love her boyfriend who, under threat of abandonment, coerced the woman into having the procedure. We do not have to approve of greed to love the businessman who made a fortune lying to customers. We do not have to approve of pride to love each other when set ourselves above the rest.
This post got me to thinking, and it gave me an excellent way to handle people who claim to be Christian and yet are saying Ms. Jenner has committed a terrible sin because God doesn't make mistakes.

"Jesus was a friend of whores, thieves, lepers and tax collectors. He loved them. How do you think he would refer to Jenner -- as Bruce or as Caitlyn?  Remember, this is the same man who saved a caught-in-the-act adulteress from being executed by saying 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone'."

If these people then say "Well, Jesus would just heal Bruce so he'd have no desire to be a women," then you go "Ah, so Jesus would want transgendered people to be at ease with themselves. Since you aren't Jesus and you can't heal with a touch, tell me how you would fulfill your Christlike duty to put Jenner at ease? Wouldn't that involve the very simple action of calling her Caitlyn?"

I'm going to use this the next chance I get.

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