Thursday, June 11, 2015

From Salem's Archives: The War

It has been an incredibly busy week for me, and I haven't had time to properly devote to the sendoff for a dear friend that I'd planned, so in the meantime I'm going to leave you all with something I wrote about seven and a half years ago, that's been popping into my head recently. I'm hoping I can work on it some more, Erin was quite cross when I didn't write more of it.
It was written before the film Legion came out, and well before it's sequel series Dominion, and I was quite surprised when the premises were similar. 

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Prologue: Thoughts on the War.

Any time I'm faced with a situation that I can't understand, or don't want to comprehend, I take a very, very hot shower. When I'm done, I step out into the cold air, still nude, and watch the steam rise from my body. It's that juxtaposition of seeing something that appears supernatural occurring in a completely ordinary position that usually shocks my mind back to reality, allowing me to deal better with what is going on.


There was a war, a long, long time ago. Possibly in a galaxy far, far away. Or possibly in this one, as it's the only one according to some schools of thought. All those pinpricks in the night sky? Nothing more than that. Pinpricks in near proximity of our home as it rotates around the sun. We weren't involved the war. Our country wasn't even a country at that time, our people hardly fit to call themselves a true species, by modern standards. Barbaric practices, and the lot. This war didn't happen when most people think it did. The Big One happened much later on in history, and didn't make it into the history books until after that.

I'm writing this now as a Will and Testament. My personal belongings I'm leaving, in equal share, to my dearest friends. My hidden, "job-related" bank accounts, split amongst my daughter and my ex-wife. My collection of little statuettes goes to my cousin. He always liked those.

No, it wasn't suicide, at least not in the traditional sense. More like a "suicide mission." One of those things for "the greater good" that they teach you about in Academy. Greater good indeed.

All I know, after the first engagement, I'll never forget the way hollow points sound as they chew through an angel's wings..

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