Monday, July 27, 2015

Gun Accessories I Still Need to Review

I'm writing this post because I need to get into the swing of writing again, and because putting a "to-do" list here ought to help nag me into doing them. It also serves as a sort of "coming attractions" post, and if it encourages folks to go Oooh yes! I really want to know what you think about [product]!, that will only help to accelerate the process.

In no particular order:

I got this in late April, and needed to tinker with it a bit to get it to accommodate the bent bolt I
received for my birthday in March. By the time that happened, it had become too stinky hot to make a trip to the rifle range comfortable. 

I've shot it a few times, but I really want to put at least 100 rounds through the rifle with this new stock before I can write a proper review, and that needs to wait until the weather cools off or I get access to an indoor range that will let me shoot 7.62x54R. 

I bought this at NRAAM this spring, and aside from fooling around with it at home, I haven't used it (see: stinky hot weather). I very much like what I see, though, and I look forward to trying it out with my .22 boltie. 

Various LaserLyte Goodies
Hoo-boy, I have a bunch of these. 
  • Red Center Mass Laser: I mentioned this when I reviewed the green CML last month. I just need to carve out some time to grab my mom's PMR-30 and go to the indoor pistol range to give it a try. I expect good things of it.
  • Laser Trainer Pistols: For sake of completeness, I will be reviewing both the trainer pistol with integral laser and the removable laser cartridge (AKA the LT-PRO) that fits into any gun, including the Trigger Tyme training pistol. Expect a head-to-head, compare & contrast review. 
  • Laser Targets: Another compare and contrast, this time between the no-frills Laser Trainer Target and the much-frillier Score Tyme
  • Laser Plinking Cans:  I could probably review these now, but I feel like I really ought to review the laser trainer pistols first. They are, however, a heck of a lot of fun, and my only complaint is that the fun is over too quickly. 
What's really slowing me down with a review of the trainer pistols and targets is that it's hard to talk about targets without discussing lasers, or lasers without discussing targets, and it's threatening to turn into a massive review where I talk about them all at once. 

My newest acquisition, I haven't really had time to play with it. I'll likely take it to the range the same time I test the Red CML and try them both out on the same pistol (as it's the only pistol we have that possesses an accessory rail, it's a no-brainer).

I will probably end up reviewing the two pistol lasers first, followed by the trainers, and then the Archangel stock and bipod sticks last. 

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