Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jesus, Salem, don't DO that to me!

I was ready to fucking KILL YOU after that first paragraph.

In hindsight I should have seen it coming, and realized you'd never prostitute yourself by working for Gawker. But still... you know how to push my buttons, dude.

I have had three co-bloggers here at Lurking Rhythmically. You're the only one of them still here, the only one who keeps plugging away, writing quality content for me. Sure, you occasionally phone it in, but I don't think you've missed a week. And if you have, I'm pretty sure you told me about it beforehand.

Some readers wonder why I keep you around. At least one of them tells me that he can't stand you. And the answer is: I like you and you have talent and worth. 

I touched upon it when I wrote your introduction two years ago, but I recently re-discovered something of yours that I thought so important that I reposted it here, on my blog. You've shut down your old blog, which is a shame -- you had some really good entries there -- so all that's left of your recorded wisdom is this:
Some lie because they are insecure or unsatisfied with their lives. We put a lot of these people on medication, whether they've hurt anyone or not. Some people lie to entertain people. We call these people writers, musicians, actors. We cut these people paychecks sometimes. Some people lie to better their own lives at the cost of other people's. We call these politicians, and we can't do anything to them because they're writing the laws. -- Salem MacGourley, Notes from the Sonic Stapler
I titled that as "Too awesome to let pass unnoticed", and it still is. I keep saying you are quite wise in many ways, and I hope that one day you will write a book of your wisdom.

Because that's why you're my co-blogger: you write well, and I want you to do it more often.


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