Monday, May 16, 2016

There's no Gun Blog Variety Podcast this week

Some of you are no doubt wondering "Where is this week's GunBlog VarietyCast? Did Erin forget to post it?"

Sadly, the answer is "No, I didn't forget. I didn't post a podcast this week because there's no podcast to post." This is because Sean Sorrentino, editor of the GBVC, decided that he'd rather spend his weekend in Ohio getting training at a free gun class for podcasters, so he didn't have time to edit the podcast for distribution.

But before you feel jealous, here's what happened based on his Facebook updates (yes, I have permission to post these):

1) He didn't get a soft bed in a warm hotel room. 
Instead, he slept in a tent on the shooting range.
What the heck is this? A tent? Am I supposed to sleep in that?
2) He had a squib lodge in his barrel. 
So I had a squib. But the next round wouldn't chamber.
Fortunately he noticed it before further damage was done and fixed the issue using percussive maintenance.
All fixed.
3) He got to meet Gun Jesus. 
Okay, that one isn't a bad thing. But can he multiply ammunition like Jesus multiplied bread and fish?
Class being led by ‪#‎GunJesus‬. (Good instructor, BTW)
‪#‎gunschool‬ ‪#‎gun‬‪#‎safetysolutionsacademy‬
4) He stayed up far too late on a cold night.
Oh, sure, he didn't have time to edit GBVC, but he had time to edit an interview.
So it's after 1AM, it's below 40F, and raining.
Why am I editing a podcast in an open pavilion? Going to bed.
(Later) Oh, and 50% chance of snow tomorrow morning (this morning!)
so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

5) It only got worse on Sunday. 
Like the Army says: If it ain't raining, it ain't training.

(Picture of Sean's car removed for Opsec purposes.
With the car redacted it was just a picture of some trees,
so it was deleted.)

I want to make jokes about "being hard" and "suck it Up,"
 but this is rough. We're up to 43F and rain, but we've seen sleet, 
and this sucks. The gun school training is good, 
but the conditions are making it way harder than it needs to be. 
I'm cold and in pain, but focused and safe. 
And I'm spending lunch break in my car warming up.

Apparently there was also snow earlier that morning.

Sean called me on the drive home and said something to the extent of "I'd have given you all of my ammo if I could have slept in a warm bed that night."

So that's why there isn't a GBVC this week. 
(Yes, I just made a post about how I have nothing to post.)

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