Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Quick Recommendation This Week from Salem

I'm incredibly busy at the moment. I'm between work meetings, I just built a new chair to attempt to stave off my spine falling to pieces, and DOOM releases in a mere few hours.

That, with the double-post of last week, leaves me with little time to formulate my thoughts on Civil War, and I plan on talking some more about it next week. I may catch a matinee some time this week to see it again. In the meantime, a rogue commentator has put out an excellent piece of parody work in the vein of Weird Al, and has faced a DMCA claim for his trouble.

Here's the video, but there's also a link to his bandcamp page where you can download the song for free, or pay him if you like. I'll see you all next week for a talk on Civil War, but in the meantime if you've been hesitating on seeing it, don't. It's fantastic.

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