Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Day the Internet Broke Me

Everyone is saying I broke the internet, but it's more the other way around. I am completely inundated with messages from people offering to help -- which is a great problem to have, don't get me wrong -- but even though I and my two Lovely Assistants are working nonstop on adding entries when we're not doing our day jobs or dealing with families or other things, it just keeps growing on us.

This is because the internet found us and right now we're taking a long drink from a live firehose.

First, Larry Correia decided that posting on his Facebook wasn't sufficient, and so he linked to us on his blog, Monster Hunter Nation. Woohoo!

Then -- and I'm not sure of the chronology here -- we were Instapundit-ed not once, but twice, the latter by Sarah Hoyt, as well as featured in a lovely write-up on PJ Media.

Oh, and then last night we were Imgur'd.

Gob status: completely smacked.

Oh, and apparently someone from the BBC is in Florida doing a report on this, and they want someone who is both LGBTQ and a gun owner to talk to, and they asked me. I'm taking them to the range on Friday.

(Yes, I know about Katie Couric. I will be recording the interview myself as well.)

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