Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Operation Blazing Sword: Our First Success Story

The first part of this story comes from Sean Sorrentino, one of the very first people to sign up for Blazing Sword (in fact, he was promising his help before I began collating the list which later became OBS, so he actually predates it):
My first student with Operation Blazing Sword. I think it went well!

This is 25 rounds at 4 yards and 15 at 7 yards. Slow fire, .22LR out of a Ruger 22/45 with a Volquartsen trigger. This was my student's first time with a handgun. Group could be covered easily by a small woman's fist.

Now that all the gun geekery is out of the way, this shooter is a member of the LGBT community who came out specifically because of Orlando. This person only knew to contact me because of Erin's map.

I have two more people planning on coming to shoot soon. They would have come tonight except one had to work late unexpectedly.

The location is Triangle Shooting Academy near RDU airport. Thanks to Josette Chmiel who works there for negotiating us a special discount because the owner believes in this project.

The student is waiting on a NC Pistol Purchase Permit, and is eyeballing the Glock 19, the M&P9C, and the SIG P320 Compact. We will go back and shoot the three of them on another day.
But that's not all! His student, John Doughty, weighed in with his side of things:
Had an awesome time today at Triangle Shooting Academy in Raleigh with super welcoming and helpful instructors and staff. They are very generous with their time and committed to helping the LGBT community stay safe. Do recommend. They are great. I was given a chance to shoot a Ruger target pistol on the range and to handle several other guns recommended to me.

Facility is clean, safe, nice and friendly. Sean is a great instructor and Josette on staff went out of her way to make sure everything went well. Even the facility owner stopped in to say welcome. I felt completely safe and was given excellent training and advice, very generously.

When my purchase permit comes through (I applied for it today just before going in for the class) I'm definitely buying here, their prices are fair and they really went out of their way to be welcoming.

I guess my shot grouping didn't suck too much for a first handgun attempt. Spread about the size of my fist. At a whole 4 and then 7 yards on a baby target drawn in magic marker, this is not exactly big brag fodder. But hey, you gotta start somewhere. I managed to stay coloring in the lines and didn't shoot anything outside the big circle anyhow.

Sean:  Good job. Keep it up.

John: Excellent shooting for a first-timer! Welcome to our community.

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