Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More Blazing Sword in the News

July 3
We are Instapundited again (thanks, Sarah Hoyt!) as we celebrate having instructors in all 50 states. I still giggle every time I see the title "Meet The Woman Who’s Trying To Arm The LGBT Community", because it sounds like I'm a fabulously gay arms merchant.

July 14
Sean Sorrentino, wearing a purple shirt that seems like it's the exact shade of our map pins, appears in an article from The NC Capital Connection titled "After Orlando Attack Free Firearms Training Offered". Aside from the terrible lack of a comma between attack and free, it's a good article that mentions OBS in a positive light. I would have liked a link to our Facebook page, but the NCCC kindly embeds our interactive map within the article, and the important part is getting the word out. 

July 19
I have a ten-minute segment on NRA News' Cam & Company. I come in at the 44 minute mark, and while it isn't my best work, it's a national program and thus the largest audience I've had to date. 


If you missed it, today's episode has already been uploaded as a podcast. You can listen to it on iTunes or, if you use Android, I'm told that if you point your podcast player at this link that you can get the feed that way. Or you can click on the above C&C link to watch it on the NRA website. 

I'd love to appear on Cam's show again, and I the next time I am that OBS has become an even greater force for good in the world. 

Thanks for your continued support, everyone! Hopefully we get that 501c3 charity status soon!

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