Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Feng Shui: Brain Shredder

(Yes, I'm running a day behind. These things happen.)

Supernatural Creature shticks arguably changed the most between versions (arguably because Arcanowave schticks largely disappeared from 2e, with the remaining few being integrated into Scroungetech).

Now, some of these changes were for the better: I can totally see why Armor (an overall Toughness buff) was broken down into Corded Musculature and Steel Hide (close combat and ranged Toughness bonuses), and Corruption is best used as a foe schtick (where it lives on as Contagion).

But some powers were just outright removed, and I don't like that. So this is me with a quick-and-dirty conversion for them; some powers have been split into different schticks.
Animal Transformation I
As Transformation (q.v.) but you transform into a single animal species instead of a human form. While in this form you can't access your other creature powers, but you do have access to its native abilities (flight, echolocation, breathing water, etc). This form is not suitable for combat.

Animal Transformation II
As per Animal Transformation I, but you can spend 1 Magic or 3 Magic to assume a new, normal-looking animal species other than your default. If you spend 1, you can never assume that species in any subsequent session. If you spend 3, you can change to that species at will for the length of the series.

Brain Shredder I
You can provoke in other intelligent beings a fear response so intense that they suffer brain damage. Your victim must be able to clearly see you and vice versa. Base damage is 7; victim uses Fortune instead of Toughness.

Brain Shredder II
As above, but base damage is 10. 

Brain Shredder III
As above, but base damage is 13. 

Damage Immunity
As the first edition version, but this schtick is only for NPCs. PCs will just have to make do with ridonkulous Toughness ratings and Regeneration.

As the Mind Control schtick from the Influence specialty of Sorcery. (Sorceror PCs may not like this, but how else are you going to model western vampires?)

Luck Stealer
After damaging any featured foe or boss with any close combat Creature Powers attack, spend 1 Magic and 1 shot as an interrupt. Gain +1 to Creature Powers and they gain -1 to their main attack until next keyframe.

Night Dweller (2e schtick)
Replace "outdoors at night" with "in darkness" to make this worth taking. Darkness does not have to be total darkness, although it can be (possessing this schtick allows you to see without needing light), but any lighting more than candle light will negate this power. 

As the Override Will schtick from the Influence specialty of Sorcery.

Mutant Powers for Supernatural Creatures
If the GM is feeling frisky, the following mutant schticks may be available to supernatural creatures: Acid Blood, Brain Bleed, Berserk Rage, Blinkshifter, Camouflage, Chanel Pain, Empathy, Eyes on the Back of Your Head, Go Cartilaginous, Pain Eater, Psychic Vampire, Push, Shared Sight, Skulky, Very Fast. Replace all references to Genome points with Magic points. 

Supernatural Powers for Mutants
Similarly, a GM may allow the following creature schticks for mutants: Amphibian, Blast, Corded Musculature, Death Resistance, Emit Smokescreen, Empathic Rage, Flight, Inevitable Comeback, Insubstantial, Natural Weapon, Night Dweller, Rage Against Machines, Regeneration, Steel Hide, Transformation, Venom Sac. Replace all references to Magic points with Genome points.

Disclaimer: I'll be honest, I don't grok what the writers were going for with mutant powers. They aren't specifically Comic Book-style powers, but neither are they Gamma World-type mutations. They're just strange. If I could figure out their flavor, I could see more of a divide between then and creature powers; but I can't, so I don't.

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