Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Gunday: the UTM RBT Target Shooting Kit

I have been remiss in talking about the cool things I saw at Big 3 East Training Center's Fall Media Event, but I think I can be forgiven that based upon the whole Hurricane Matthew thing.

Anyway, this is a very cool item that I not only saw at the event, but I also won in a raffle! It's a bolt carrier group (BCG) and accessories from UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) that converts my 5.56 AR-15 into a what is basically a "simunition" platform.

I put "simunition" in quotes because instead of one kind of projectile, it has several: silent blanks which only work the bolt, which are good for training noise-averse shooters; loud blanks which go bang but shoot nothing; civilian target ammunition (which came in the box that I won) which will penetrate paper targets but not a firm surface like plastic sheeting; and "man markers" for force-on-force training.
This is the Core Kit. It comes with a specialized bolt which cannot fire a live round (the firing pin is offset and will strike the case, not the primer, of a 5.56/.223 round); a 10-round PMAG; a squib removal tool; and a 50-round box of Civilian Target Ammunition.

The kit retails for $250.
The BCG for the UTM ammo. The blue color is visible through the ejection port, and the panel prevents the port door from being closed, so you cannot confuse the trainer for the real thing

This specialized BCG cannot fire real ammunition due to its offset firing pin:
Attempting to use the UTM BCG to fire live ammo results in a pin strike on the cartridge case, not the primer.
I really like how UTM seems to have thought of everything here. 
A close-up of the "man marker" cartridge and a spent round.
The back of the catridge is basically a large rimfire primer, which blows the bolt back; another primer propels the round forward. 
A selection of the various cartridges available. From left to right: red Man Marker Rounds; Battlefield (noisy) Blank Rounds, and Silent Blank Rounds.
A picture from a higher angle, so you can see the difference in tips. Blue man markers are on the right. 
And a close-up.
The box it came in, just in case you're curious what it looks like.

One of the many neat things about this product is that, with the proper setup, you can practice inside your home; the marker tips are easily stopped by a thick sheet of vinyl like their Target & Holder Kit. Just imagine being able to shoot in the comfort of your own house or apartment!
The biggest drawback here is that the rounds themselves are expensive: $33.74 for a box of 50. Wow! That's 30-06 cost right there.
But despite the cost, I'm looking forward to testing these... because I got them free!

Thanks, Big 3 East!  Thanks, UTM!

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