Tuesday, February 21, 2017

$10K for 2A

What is 10K for 2A? If you're a regular listener of the GunBlog VarietyCast, you should already know. If you aren't, well, just listen to this clip:

For those readers who don't have the patience to listen to a video, the idea is that Sean wants to attend the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2017 in Dallas, TX but can't afford the cost of the trip. So much like we did last year, where we promised that if folks donated money for the hotel room, plane ticket for Sean and gas money for me that Sean would wear a purple pony shirt for the entirety of the conference, we're doing the same thing -- but on a much larger scale.

By "much larger scale", we mean that if we can raise $10,000 plus trip expenses, then in exchange for attending:
  1. Sean will dress as "the love child of Pinkie Pie and the Joker", to use his own words;
  2. That $10K will be donated evenly among pro-gun rights organizations. 
So that covers what's in the video. Here are the new and newsworthy developments:

My way to GPRC 2017 is already paid 
Now that I'm Diversity Outreach Coordinator for Florida Carry, they have said they will pay for my flight and hotel room. This means that the expenses have already been reduced.

Your 10K for 2A donation is tax-deductible
Operation Blazing Sword will be accepting the donations, and everything after expenses will be donated to various state and nationwide gun-rights organizations. Because OBS is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charity founded to advance gun education and gun rights, it's perfectly legal to donate to us with the understanding that we can donate to other pro-gun right charities and/or nonprofits so long as they aren't PACs or lobby groups. Clearly, OBS is going to keep some of the donations, because it's a pro-gun rights charity, but it won't keep all of it.

Obligatory legal statement: "Funds raised in excess of expenses needed to get Sean Sorrentino to Gun Rights Policy Conference 2017 will be utilized by Operation Blazing Sword to further firearm education and firearm rights, which may include specific national or state-level firearms civil rights organizations, but until we have definitive understandings with those organizations our lawyer advises us to state that Operation Blazing Sword will distribute the funds to one or more reputable and charitable firearms civil-rights organizations as determined by the Operation Blazing Sword Board of Directors.”

Donations can be sent here
  • If you wish to donate online, use our PayPal link: paypal.me/OpBlazingSword
  • If you wish to send a check, please mail it to
    Operation Blazing Sword, Inc
    800 Belle Terre Parkway 200-302
    Palm Coast, FL 32164
Designate your donations "for 10K for 2A
If you don't, we'll just assume this was a standard donation to Operation Blazing Sword, which will help us but won't count toward Sean's total. 

If you donate to 10K for 2A, you consent to us sending your donation elsewhere
I'm sure this is a big "duh" to everyone who has been reading, but I need to state it explicitly for legal purposes.

If we don't meet our $10K goal
Sean doesn't get to attend GRPC 2017, and whatever has been donated under the 10K for 2A banner will be divided up (some will be kept by OBS, see above) and sent to various national and state-level charities and nonprofits. 

TL;DR Version
  1. Donate money to humiliate Sean Sorrentino. 
  2. Deduct your donation from next year's taxes. 
  3. If enough money is raised, Sean dresses up for GRPC. 
  4. Either way, your donation go to further gun rights and education. 
It's a win for everyone (except maybe Sean). 

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