Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Have Important Information That I Will Be Releasing

... or so that's what she said. Currently, there are two narratives going on regarding Rachel Maddow and the tax returns.

For whoever may have missed it, Rachel Maddow tweeted this:

This tweet got 85 thousand retweets and over 165 thousand likes. Less than an hour later, she tweeted this:

17 thousands retweets. 36 thousand likes. The point that I'm making here is that Rachel Maddow worded a tweet as if it were an atomic bomb she was about to drop on the President, only to later clarify to a much smaller audience that was already dedicated to tuning into her show that it was something completely irrelevant from over a decade ago that had absolutely zero detail.

As to the media narratives I mentioned earlier: Right-leaning media is having a laugh over it, as evidenced by The Daily Mail and The Daily Caller, while Left-leaning media is gamergating their own audiences, attacking them for getting hyped over being promised that they were getting a smoking gun, seen here at The Huffington Post and The Mary Sue. More reasonable, less extremist outlets are trying to dissect and report on what's happened, and I have to hand them some respect for that.

I'd still like to point out that The Hill's piece on Maddow, getting 4.1 million viewers for the biggest television version of clickbait that I've seen since Geraldo Rivera's underground adventure, garnered them less views than an average PewDiePie video.

I think, though, that the best coverage of this has to go to Stephen Colbert. I miss Stephen from his days pretending to be the Right-wing version of John Oliver (I'm still disappointed that John Oliver isn't a character like Colbert was). Enjoy below!

That's it for me this week. I spent most of it off-schedule for undisclosed reasons, so I hurt all over. I'm going to go take a nap. I'll probably sleep better than Rachel Maddow is right now.

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