Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hipster Canadians Shooting Guns

Aww, aren't they cute? I'm amused by the proto-ponytail on the guy. It's like a man bun, only smaller!

This video amply demonstrates a few things:
  1. Why safety gear is important
  2. Why dressing for the range is important
  3. Why some guns are best suited for experienced shooters (.50 AE is probably Too Much Gun for newbies; I'd have had them shoot .45 ACP instead)
I'll give them credit, though: unless the video is heavily edited (which it might be), they observed Col. Cooper's Four Rules, even while clowning around, and they hit their targets.

I'm glad they gave shooting a try, even though they decided that guns aren't for them. That's an informed choice, not one dictated by fear.

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