Thursday, January 4, 2018

Baruch 'em, boychic!

Facebook occasionally impresses me by reminding me of an awesome post I made however many years ago via its "Memories" thing. I must say, it's quite cool to read something I wrote and forgot about.

Back in 2011, I had a hankering:

Yitzak "Numbers" Deuteronomy, former forensic accountant for the FBI. Now he's traded in that white collar for a black yarmulke as he solves financial crimes that the police are too busy to handle! He's laying down the law, and the bad guys are paying the price. Baruch 'em, boychic.

A friend replied with:

Then I came up with Jude Revelations, a jazz saxophonist out of New Orleans with a pack-a-day habit and a voice like miles of bad road.

Then other people chimed in:

I rather like the notion of Jeremiah Lamentations and Jude Revelations teaming up, a la Blues Brothers.

I'm guessing he either has sonic powers or has a multi-purpose gadget that looks like a ram's horn trumpet. 

I wonder if there's a love triangle between her, Jude, and Jeremiah. 

I would actually change this to "Ruth Leviticus" and make her a nun who kicks much butt. I honestly want to give her...

... wait for it...

... nun-chucks.  (grins, ducks, and runs)

So, new fun challenge for you creative types:
  1. Take two books of the Bible and create the name of a noir or exploitation hero.
  2. Bonus points if you use consecutive books. 
  3. Yes, the apocrypha is allowed.

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