Saturday, June 30, 2018

New Operation Blazing Sword Tee

The Operation Blazing Sword Twitter account doesn't use the flaming sword and rainbow emblem. Instead, it uses this:
This is because we wanted something instantly distinctive in the short attention span world of Twitter where our other logo could be dismissed as belonging to some military organization. And that's a fair comparison, because our logo is in fact derived from a 1940s U.S Army patch.

I've been concentrating on using our main logo so much that I forgot we had a different one on Twitter. It wasn't until I sent out an email advertising our ONE AIM seminar in Orlando that I received a message that said
Hi Erin, I ordered a tee shirt with the sword logo but would really love to order swag with the "OpBlzSwrdTwitterLogo" on it.  Any chance my wish will come true?
Wish granted, friend! I didn't think anyone cared about that logo. But you do! And it costs me nothing to upload it to the OBS TeePublic Storefront, so now you can purchase tee shirts (and hoodies, and mugs, and stickers, and all sorts of other cool stuff) with this logo!

As some wag pointed out to me on Facebook,  "Your t-shirt is Neil Patrick Harris in reverse?"

Well... yeah. Guns: they're not just for straights anymore!

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