Sunday, August 4, 2019

Pink Pistols article in Crosscut Magazine

Dorothy Edwards of Crosscut magazine was introduced to me by the head of the Portland, OR chapter of the Pink Pistols. Dorothy had been observing and interviewing members of that chapter for an article she was writing.

She was also at the March for Our Rights in Olympia, WA at the end of April (an event I was sadly unable to attend because it happened on the same day as the NRA Annual Meeting), and was surprised by how many people came up to the Pink Pistols booth giving support, thanking them for being there, and obtaining information for family and friends. Dorothy, as most in news media, had the belief that the 2A community was not welcoming.

She asked me many good questions when we spoke, not just the usual "Tell me about how Pink Pistols/Operation Blazing Sword started." Unfortunately our entire conversation is not in the article (it never is), but it's a good depiction of of who we are, what we do, and why the Pink Pistols needs to exist.

Please take the time to read it.

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