Thursday, August 29, 2019

No More Unknown Armies Posts

This is most likely the last post you'll see about the campaign I've been running. The main reason for that is because I will not be recording and posting future sessions. If you're one of the handful of people who enjoyed this, I apologize.

For those who are wondering why, it's because one of my players told me that being recorded makes them very uncomfortable and less likely to say anything, which results in decreased participation. While I wish I'd been told earlier about this, the simplest and kindest thing to do is to simply stop recording the sessions altogether. Which is a pity for me, because given that there's at least a week between each session, listening to the recording is a perfect way to refresh my memory.

If I'm being honest, I don't think this campaign will survive much longer anyway. As I referenced last week, my GM style and what the group wants appear to be two different things. This leaves me with the following choices:

  1. My GM style doesn't suit what kind of game the PCs want to play and I'll have to re-tool the adventure and how I run this game. 
  2. I'm the wrong GM for this group and I need to bow out. 
  3. This is the wrong game for this group and I need to run something else. 

Which unfortunately boil down to "Quit or do a lot more work." Thing is, I only started running this game because the GM of my Wednesday Pathfinder game became overwhelmed with Real Life Issues and needed time to get things in order. I volunteered so that we'd have something to do on the off-weeks, and I
specifically picked UA because it's a game that's easy for me to run. I know from personal experience how much effort it takes to set up and balance a Pathfinder session -- I run one every Saturday night, after all, and a good bit of the Saturday afternoon before and Sunday afternoon after are used in preparation. I simply couldn't do the same for another game, so I went with a game which is rules-light and more about story and setting and role-playing than about mechanics and combat.

But people aren't having fun, and frustrated players mean a frustrated GM and that means no one is happy. So right now, UA is on hiatus as I try to figure out if I have the energy and desire to re-do the entire campaign.

If I decide to end it, I'll write up a synopsis of what was going on and how the plot could have unfolded for my Patreon patrons so that they can have their questions answered.

Thanks and goodnight.

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