Wednesday, January 29, 2020

My Appearance on Conservative Enclave 1/22/2020

Last week I appeared on a podcast titled Conservative Enclave. To be perfectly candid, if I had been approached by someone I didn't know to appear on the show I would have been hesitant, perhaps expecting to be raw meat for the listeners, as I know that I am neither a darling of the right nor a bastion of conservative thought. However, I was recommended to this program by someone I know and trust, and so I gave it a chance.

I'm very glad that I did. This is quite a long performance for me, and my allergies were kicking my butt that day by giving me cottonmouth and making my voice crackle after a few minutes worth of talking. Still, I think I gave a great interview: I definitely had a great time and would return again.

My apologies to my fans who have by this point probably heard all this multiple times.

Also, I am ashamed to admit that I got my information wrong: the idea for the Pink Pistols first appeared in Salon, not Slate, and according to the story a warning shot was indeed fired. I shall attempt to memorize this so I do not commit future errors.

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