Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WNW: A plethora of ponies

First a picture of a little thing I like to call a "yaygun" :

And now, a series of videos about ponies and portals you may find amusing:

1) Prank

2) Delivery Service

3) Lamp Maintenance

4) Rainbow Highway

5) Trust and Cooperation


  1. Hmm  a blend of Ponies and a Gatling gun.
    Sounds familiar. 

    Why yes, the royal-wedding episode had to have legions of evil clones and  unicorn-based rayguns.   Naturally.

  2. My Littl Pony: Firepower is Magic :D

  3. And here I'd thought you'd call it the Squee gun.

  4. I don't understand it, but I love seeing how much you love ponies.  Geeky hobbies are awesome.  Now I'm going to play with my Boba Fett action figures...

  5. That was almost as amusing as the "300 Ponies" video

  6. Aperture Ponies: We do what we must because it's magical.


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