Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Libertarian Party of Florida Convention 2020

I unfortunately do not have any photographs from my time at LTUE this year, nor do I have any videos of my panels; either they had a manpower shortage or a budget shortage, and while certain panels were recorded none of mine were.

Which is a pity, because they were pretty awesome.

However, I was able to get lots of photographs of the booth I ran at the Libertarian Party of Florida's state level convention, which was made possible by the LP of Orange County, who sponsored our table. Our presence there was not an endorsement of the Libertarian Party or any of its candidates, because OBS is a 501c3 and to do so would get us in trouble with the IRS; rather, there are people within the LP who believe in me and my mission, and wanted OBS to get more exposure.

 Our table. Rather fabulous, don't you think?

This young lady is "The Pholosopher". She had a booth in vendor room (she's made a comic book with her husband titled Voluntaryist and was selling it and other swag. She came over to say hello, express her support for our and our goals, and then asked for a photograph with me. What a sweetheart!

Speaking of people coming by, I met Vermin Supreme, who also posed for a picture.

Yes, that's a My Little Pony bag. Apparently Vermin is very pro-pony and counts bronies among his most faithful supporters.

So because he's pro-gun and pro-pony, I had to get a picture with him and my gunpony OC Powder Flash. He's a really lovely fellow, somewhere between kindly grandfather and kooky uncle.

 For people who are curious about this, the rules were created by my friend Adrian Rook aka NS4A2, who printed up a special batch just for me. If you'd like a copy, either PDF or signed paper, I can hook you up.

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