Sunday, April 18, 2021

V5 Loresheet: Father Dmitri

 How do I explain this other than by saying "Here's another thing I made for V5. If you don't play it won't make any sense to you"? I'll give it a try, though.

In V5, Loresheets are a special kind of background that you can buy for your character that links them into the setting of the game. For example, if your Vampire was related to someone important, or possessed special knowledge, or was connected politically, that could be represented with a Loresheet. Think of it as "More powerful than a typical background, less powerful than a Discipline."

Look, it'll make sense in a moment. 

Last week my GM concluded the Vampire: the Masquerade game which we began in the fall of 2019. It concluded because, well, my character had basically "won at unlife"; he'd accomplished everything I'd wanted him to accomplish and I felt bad for making the GM throw 404 errors by coming up with completely unexpected actions and/or out-politicking him. 

(Look, I know it sounds like a brag, but I was literally playing V:tM when my GM was in diapers and, well, I am quite wickedly creative and creatively wicked. To his credit, he never asked me to go easy on him and in fact challenged me to do my worst. Which I did.)

So when Father Dmitri Ignatiev, my character, saved the city for the umpteenth time and was in a position of unassailable power and privilege, I figured it was time to retire him to NPC status and hand my sheet to the GM so that my character could be a quest-giver and pain in the ass to future players. 

And then I thought "I'd like to make a Loresheet for him, based on my actions within the game and with the abilities reflective of who he was." So I did, and my GM approved it. 

Some of this may not make sense. I'll try to explain more when I post Dmitri's character sheet.

There is also a PDF version on Drive here

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