Saturday, November 19, 2022

Shove All the Planets in the Universe Up My Ass

An oldie but goodie from the late, lamented Firefly:


This sentiment is an accurate depiction of how I've felt the past few days. I'm not going into specifics because of my "no whining" policy on this blog; I'm just going to explain that 
  1. I have spend the past three days running errands and dealing with my father's crap (both literal and figurative);
  2. but at least I've accomplished measurable success, as opposed to the too-common and highly annoying "I've worked for hours and know I've gotten things done but I literally can't see a difference having been made."
OK, maybe a bit more context. Dad is at a VA home in the next county, and mom is 83 and doesn't feel comfortable driving on the interstates, so when she goes up to see him either I need to drive her or she has to ask a family friend to take her. That's an hour up, an hour back, and about an hour to visit, so I basically lost an entire afternoon playing Erin Uber. 

I've also been dealing with the decades of junk that dad accumulated in his bedroom so that I can move into it and have a bit more privacy. A lot of it falls under "Too nice to throw away but not valuable enough to sell" and is mainly books of history and politics, but I'm about to the point where I'm fed up and ready to ditch most of them at the local library. Last night I was fortunate enough to have the time, energy, and desire to do work in his room, and I got enough done that I can see the difference. 

I won't be moved in by then, but I'd like to be sleeping there by Christmas. Normally I'd say this is possible, but I refuse to sleep on that mattress due to him having both kinds of incontinence, and mattresses aren't cheap. 

Finally, there's this bit of social media which I'm proud of. You'd think a lawyer would understand the basic concept that criminals don't obey laws, but whatever, we're not gonna make it as a culture / country / species anyway.

Anyway, all of that that is why I feel like the planets in the universe have been shoved up my ass. 

By the way, when you make your comments below, bring your A-game; the expected "Uranus/your anus" reply is low-hanging fruit and you're a better class of deplorables than that. 

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