Pellatarrum is a D&D campaign world I am creating which has recurring themes of elementalism, zany pseudo-clockwork universes, and older races creating servitor races which rebel against them.The cyclic nature of reality is emphasized and, in some cases, actually measurable.

It is a world without a sun, yet has a day/night cycle. It is a place where fire and rocks routinely fall from the sky. It is infinite, yet bounded by the finite.

It is a world without gods, because they all died in a massive armageddon in a previous age. In lieu of deities, the people of Pellatarrum worship the Positive Energy Plane as the giver of life, and fear the Negative Energy Plane as the taker.

Its official motto is "Because Fantasy, That's Why."

Its unofficial motto is "Fuck science. Fuck it up the ass."

Pellatarrum in Print!
A selection of these articles has been printed in Claw/Claw/Bite magazine and is available for purchase. Please consider buying a copy! If I can become a professionally paid writer then my productivity will increase and you will get more Pellatarrum sooner!


What it's all about:

How it got that way:

Why it matters:

 My critters are different:

Languages of Pellatarrum:


Interesting oddities:

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