Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stay of Execution

Just a brief missive here to let you know that your daily fix has been delayed a wee bit.

Yes, my poppets, I know: you must have your PalPal fix. Your cries of agony and deprivation warm my bleak and shriveled heart. But it's your own fault, you know. After all, was it not you, my adoring public, who tripled in readership the moment I began talking about comics?

Alas, comics are a chiefly visual medium, and without suitable excerpts to "quote", the remainder of my posts shall be as bland as an American cheese sandwich with mayonnaise on white bread. And we certainly don't want that, no.

So I have retreated deep into my Fortress of Lurkitude to obtain scans of the highest quality for your optical consumption, my chirping birdies.

Oh, and fair warning: Auntie Palette is working blue tonight.

Prepare the F-Bomb shelters!

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