Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm not dead (yet)

Ack, sorry about that. Between Christmas preparations, my siblings coming to visit, and generally trying to enjoy the holiday instead of simply survive it, I had to let a few things drop by the wayside. This blog was one of them.

Not that I'm apologizing for taking the time off; no, that was a good and necessary thing. But I really should have said something about before a week went past.

So, to that end: I hope everyone had /is having /will have a happy seasonal festivity of their choice. Mine was good, and Lurking Rhythmically will return in January (hopefully with new content).

Have a wonderfully Khaotic New Year!


  1. I was wondering where you were! I kept thinking for the past three days, "You know, Pal hasn't been on at all lately."

    Glad to see you're alive!

  2. Have a Happy Holiday PalPal! ANd more Khaotica!

  3. Yet :-D Oh you eternal optimist you!

    May the new year break upon you gently and may any frustrations the future might hold be thoroughly blogable!

  4. If I didn't occasionally see signs of you in CoH, I might have my concerns about your well being.

    Lets get back to the making of the pithy blogs now you.

  5. Where's our High Priestess of Eris? Our Lady of Darkness and Khaos?

    Have we been abandoned by the Slayer of Zombies?

    How shall I fulfill my need for tales of Darkness w/o Erin to provide them?

    Palpal! Come back to us!

  6. Not that I've got any room to bug her to post more often, but..

    We miss you, Erin.


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