Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kwestions about Khaotica

Why is it spelled "Khaotica"?

Because spelling it "Roderick Buttocktrundle" would be problematic.

All right, there are a few reasons why.
  • This time of year is chock full of K's: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Kris Kringle, Julebukking.
  • Eris has a longstanding association with the letter K, specifically Kallisti and Kopyleft (K).
  • It looks better than "Chaotica" and calling it "Khaotika" would be pretentious.

Doesn't the name suggest vandalism and/or anarchy from the participants?

I dunno. Do games like Grand Theft Auto suggest that the players should steal cars and kill people? Seriously, if people are inclined to do that kind of thing, they'll do it regardless of what I say or do. I am not a role model, and I am not your conscience.

However, if you vandalize Christmas decorations or churches, or otherwise act like an asshole, you deserve everything you get when people flip out and beat the fa-la-la out of you.

I'm just saying.

What are YOU going to do for Khaotica's Firstweek Festivities?

I'm not sure just yet.

What I had originally planned was to buy a manger, put it in my front yard, and decorate it with lights and outdoor ornaments and maybe some fake boxy presents around it. While I don't expect people to grasp the scathing commentary on the commercialization of the season and the lost intent behind the original exchanging of gifts, I figured I could get at least a few people to go, "A manger with lights on it? WTF?"

But according to Grem, who lives in Louisiana, he sees these kind of things all the time. So either Louisiana is far more Discordian than I expected, or this idea has been thought of before and is, therefore, lame.

So now I don't know what I'll do.


  1. I thought the lights on the manger were so you could see it at night.

  2. New Orleans is not so much Discordian than it is Dionysian. Which really isn't that far off, just with more liquor and sex, and less randomness.

  3. *headdesk* New Orleans, I said. I meant Louisiana. Sorry, just had a nap.

  4. How about the manger on a platform on a 6 foot pole with affluent statues lifting presents in homage on the ground?


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