Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WNW: Deconstructing Dr. Doom

Since everyone and their stuffed bull is jumping on this one, I might as well put the final nail in its coffin:

Hmm. A bit too ghetto, methinks. Perhaps a pinch of Pirates of Penzance will perk up the place:

I am the very model of a modern Marvel mastermind,
You heroes are like Laura Bush's children who've been left behind,
My plans they are quite devious with multiple contingencies,
So kindly do not bore me with your tedious soliloquies!

I'm very well acquainted with your profiles psychological,
Your powers and your gadgets and your incantations magical,
I've run the simulations and in ev'ry single one I find
I thrash you all quite handily so to defeat please be resigned!

I have all matters well in hand so do not further prattle on,
My plotting is perfection, I am preparation's paragon,
And when it comes to evil I am terrifying yet refined
I am the very model of a modern Marvel mastermind!

Ah yes. Much better.

(Apologies for not fitting this into the picture; I couldn't shrink the text enough to fit and still remain legible)


  1. See, that's a lot better than what was actually written. The Gilbert and Sullivan version alone could be an entire issue full of Doom! Has there ever been a musical issue of a comic book?

  2. Jeff - Issues 6 and 38 of The Demon are "musical" issues, featuring song parodies as part of the story. Very, very strange.

  3. This should totally make it on Broadway.


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