Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dog Days

I would like to apologize for my lack of posting. I have not been eaten by a zombie.

Instead, we are dealing with the introduction of a second dog into our household --yes, mom saved another from the pound. His name is Henry, and he is an older (between 7 and 10 years old) German Shepherd.

We didn't name him Henry, he came that way. Now we have 2 boy dogs, both named after candy bars, whose names begin with H. This is why I say my life is governed by patterns.

Naturally, there is some degree of Doggie Drama as both dogs adapt to the presence of the other, and new routines and behaviors are learned. Henry is a sweet and quiet dog, and likes to curl up next to me as I work at the computer, but there are some... issues... with how he relates to puppy Heath. This means keeping an eye out for potential trouble and stopping it before it occurs, and since Heath has the energy of a toddler, it's pretty exhausting.

More Z Kit posts later this week.


  1. An older dog that is sweet, quiet, adorable (just look at him!) and (I assume) housetrained. How can someone send a dog like that to the pound?

  2. Nicely spotted. Reverse-indy

    Oh, and if you get a third dog. Hershey?

  3. Yeah, and a fourth dog should be "Hundred Thousand Dollar Bar" (I prefer the original).

  4. @Bunny: Yes, he's housetrained. It's my understanding that his previous owners had to give him up because they were moving to a place that did not allow dogs. I call these people "idiots".

    @Jean: He is! I like the white spots on his toes... it's like he was just barely dipped in bleach. :)

    @John: I'm embarrassed I needed that explained to me.

    @Bunny again: We're at our wits' end with two dogs. Three will result in blog posts that are random characters from my head repeatedly bashing the keyboard.

    @Troy: I think we'd end up naming the fourth dog "Hernia"...

  5. Honestly, unless it was because they really really had to move (the choice being between moving and starving) it's just wrong.
    If you get a pet it's IMHO a lifelong bond.
    And even if you had to give it away just leaving it at the pound is...mindboggling.

    A friend of mine would have a brain aneurysm if she ever heard about it.
    Especially considering that her Iguana has rode along for over 15 years now and that thing is pretty much the central part of her life (If you ever meet a serious Iguana owner, they're crazy!).


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