Monday, June 8, 2009

Utility Blade addendum

I forgot to mention this in Friday's post, but it's crucial: Make sure your utility blade has a decent handle. The best tool in the world won't do you any good if you can't comfortably grip it.

(Insert obligatory "That's what she said!" here.)

Sadly, the Cold Steel Kukri fails in this regard. If you watched the entire "Test to destruction" series I posted, you'll see that it has a full tang, which is awesome, but it has this diamond-knurled kraton handle which, at least in my tiny hands, is way too big to comfortably grip. Ironically, the checkering is uncomfortable to my palm without providing adequate friction (again, TWSS), so it feels like it's gonna slip out of my grip with every swing.

I originally addressed this problem with duct tape wrapped around the grip, and it worked adequately, but it was ugly and wrinkled and left sticky residue everywhe--


Oi, you in the back! If you're going to keep sniggering like that I'll turn this post right around!

Anyway. Nathan, my internet little brother (Hi Nathan!) heard my plight and recommended this to me:

The Limbasver Tentacle Grip (in black and camo)

Naturally, mine is black.

What's ironic is that this particular wrap cost more than the actual kukri itself! But don't think of that as an indictment against the Cold Steel kukri machete. This is not throwing good money after bad, this is making an already awesome product perfect. And just for the record, I'm not getting paid anything to promote any of these products.

But I have to say, this thing is fantastic. It insulates against the cold, absorbs shock (and there is a lot of shock when you're chopping things) and best of all the sticky little rubber suction cups practically glue the handle to my palm like I was a Japanese schoolgirl in a hentai anime.

So... yeah. When you're swinging your tool with all your might, you don't want to lose or break it due to a small, sweaty grip. Use big black tentacle wraps and your palm will never leave your tool again.


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