Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Existential Axe

Dammit, I want this.

I really, really, REALLY want it. It's even on sale. I can afford it. But here's the thing...

... I don't need it. I have no use for it. There is no reason I would ever need a poleaxe. I can't even claim that I could use it in gardening. For that, the guisarme is a far superior choice, since it's a pruning hook on a long pole. And I'm just non-girly enough to feel that tools are meant to be used, not simply kept.

But oh, how I covet this.

Help me make up my mind, blogosphere. If you feel I should get it, please give me a good concrete reason why. Don't just say "Because it's awesome" because, duh, I know it's awesome. I need a practical reason to get it.

Or better yet, convince me that I don't need it. That works too.

Still... *droooools*


  1. I was just thinking this morning that I have so much crap I don't need.

  2. Feel free to send me some of your crap! (Preferably geeky crap.)

    Free crap is infinitely better than crap I have to pay for.

  3. I don't know. It may look impractical on the surface, but I bet it would come in pretty handy during the coming apocalypse. You wouldn't even need to get withing arm's reach of a zombie to use it. Of course, a shotgun would be my first choice, but guns sometimes fail. This would make good backup.

  4. If you want a polearm for the zombie apocalypse you'll want a naginata (or a guisarme/voulge/fauchard).

    The Poleaxe, like most european polearms, is meant to punch through plate.
    Against zombies you want a wider cutting blade.

  5. Because no one will argue with an author who shows up with one of those at her book signing.

  6. Pro: good for zombie apocalypse.

    Con: Won't fit in your bag.

  7. You need it so you can try out for The Deadliest Warrior!


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