Monday, May 20, 2013

More random things about me you'd best find endearing

1)  I like to say "Misli, gammi gra'dil, Strygalldwir," in response to certain bits of news or status updates. And yes, not only do I have the spelling memorized, I also say it in a funny accent.

If you don't know where it's from or why it's relevant, you're a bad geek. Bad, bad geek.

2)  Despite being female, I am still a brony. Most fans of the show agree that brony is gender neutral, as the adult fandom started on the /br/ (for BRoadcast television) channel of 4chan. Ponies on /br/ = brony.

However, some subscribe to the understandable-if-wrong conclusion that brony means "bros who like ponies", and those folks refer to their female counterparts as pegasisters.

I tried to get eunuch-corns going for hermaphrodite, gender neutral and genderqueer fans, but that never took off -- probably because it sounds fucking awful.

3) "Wouldn't it" sounds like "wooden tit" and that makes me giggle.

4)  I wrote this years ago, and I still think it's one of the most brilliant things I've ever done. I am terribly disappointed no one else loves it the way that I do.

5) Yes, that's a hint.


  1. Francis PorrettoMay 20, 2013 at 5:06 PM

    -- I like to say "Misli, gammi gra'dil, Strygalldwir," --

    Have you no fear of having your heart and liver eaten?

  2. Not at all! I don't use it for conjuration. :P

  3. 3) "Wouldn't it" sounds like "wooden tit" and that makes me giggle.

    My parents watched My Fair Lady with me often enough as a child that even decades later I still remember thinking the same thing when the men sing the last line of the intro to this...

  4. Thank you for pointing out the Dr. Doom post. He is my favorite villain of any fandom in any genre. I named my son Victor.

    "I came for the guns and stayed for the RPGs. I have no comment on the ponies <_< >_>"

  5. I don't know that anyone can love your creation as you do, but it's great and I love it. I bow deeply in your general direction.

  6. I love it. G&S parodies rule.


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