Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holy Crap This Is Actually Happening

I wanted to make sure this was in the realm of "strongly plausible" before I said something, but it seems that the stars are actually aligning themselves in my favor (for a change):  I will be attending Oddball's Bidet Shoot at Land Between the Lakes, KY, this June 21-23.

I'm as surprised as you are. Probably more so.

I am definitely freaking out more than you are. I've mentioned before how neurotic I am about people seeing and judging me, and now I'm going to travel 12 hours to meet 30+ people, most of them strangers, and hope they won't all hate me on sight.

If you're attending, and you see someone with a paper bag over her head, that's probably me.

Anyway, I'm now in the stages of planning what to bring along. The Visual Offense Against Good Design is coming, of course, as is my tarted-up Kel-Tec Sub-2000, and of course my carry pistol. What else should I bring?  I figure everyone has already shot a 12 gauge and a .22 and an SKS.  I'd bring along the PMR-30, but that's my mom's carry gun so that's not an option.

Also, I have about 100 rounds for the Mosin. Do you folks think that will be enough, or should I bring more? I want to make sure that everyone who wants to shoot has the chance. That's about 3 rounds/person, which isn't a full clip each, but the recoil is usually enough to turn most folks off after a single shot.

Oh, I'm also planning on bringing along toy ponies, just in case there's opportunity to make a truly absurd Glockenpony.

Anything else you folks want me to bring?


  1. Rounds for any Mosin should be measured in the hundreds; if not by the spam can count. :)

    Definitely pick up more. Prices haven't skyrocketed too high for them, still available. Next ammo shortage you might not be able to find any.

    Bob S.

  2. Oh believe me, I plan to. I'm just waiting 1) to acquire more funds, and 2) for prices to fall due to the ammo glut that I'm hoping will happen this fall.

  3. Consider yourself lucky, Erin. I have nothing interesting nor with plentiful ammunition stores.

  4. Well, you can shoot some of mine!

  5. I thinks thats as likely as gas going back to $1/gallon. It will come down some, but they know what suckers will pay now.

  6. Well, frack. That's actually within my travel range, but it's on a game weekend. Admittedly, all I could bring to shoot would be my 22lr toys, but it'd be nice to actually *speak* with other snark-capable people. Now I have to choose between bang-bang or roll-vs-paralysis...decisions, decisions.

  7. I can bring along a spamcan of x54r if you remind me closer to the event; I do not plan on bring my actual Mosins, though, since one is in bits and the other is just a plain-jane.

    I will be toting Vera, a Winchester '97, a Browning Auto-5 (all three are just 12-gauges, but odd in their own ways), a Browning SA22, another .22 rifle of some type, and probably a Tok-33 or vz.52, plus whatever I decide to carry (possibly the Tok). My AR would probably be redundant, and my SOCOM has a tendency of clearing ranges.

    I do plan on making some of my poor man reactive targets, and possibly snagging a few of the more... exciting... varieties.

  8. I must let you know I gave a bit of a squee when you confirmed you'll be bringing Veera.

    I'll be bringing my PSL so I can bring some 54r too. But a reminder so I mustn't forget.

    I'll bring my VZ58, a VZ82, a couple 1911's, my Kriss, and a few bits of black powder fun.

  9. *sigh* I'm a no-go. Did the math on the gas cost and can't afford 20MPG round trip.

    Oh well, guess I'll roll for initiative that day. :-)

  10. Got permission from the BATFE, ludicrous though that sounds.

  11. The British Association of Television Felines and Equines? I don't think they are the right people to call.

  12. Hi Erin,
    Is a link to a ponies story ever OT here?

  13. Really wish I could be there.

  14. Will you have any BATFE or State trouble for your move to NC?

  15. Ah, but a bunch of suckers are going to dump on the market when they realize they have filled their closets with thousands of dollars of stuff, but the prices are starting to come down.

    I'm not saying full on Tulip Craze Crash, but I suspect prices will bottom out to match the overall inflation curve, or pretty close.

  16. Not being in the US the only thing i can really say is ammo supply and pricing hasn't changed at all in the 3 other countries i have gunny friends in. So its entirely based on whatever the heck is going on in the US be it supply and demand, scalping, crazies, gov buying etc.


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