Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Morning Gunday Quickie

So there I am, trawling ze Facebookz and drinking my coffee, when I come across an article titled  "25 Messages From NRA Members To Gun Control Supporters."  I follow it, and I see some familiar faces...

I would recognize that bald head and biker 'stache anywhere!  That's JayG!

I scroll down a little further and think, "This guy looks exactly like how I imagined Weerd Beard would look."

Turns out I was right!

And this cute li'l guy is one of the murderhobos in my Traveller agame, a.k.a. the Snooze Button Ronin!

#15 looks like someone I should know... perhaps it's Michael Bane?  Unsure.

Congratulations guys!  You photograph well!

UPDATE:   I have been informed that this lady is Nancy R. of  Excels at Nothing. Looking good, lady!


  1. Can't wait 'till I can go to stuff like this, and finally meet all the cool kids.


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