Monday, September 2, 2013

Thank You

So, y'know, I came out last Thursday. As you might have noticed from my tone, or from the banners of support which popped up like mushrooms after the rain (thanks, Squeaky!) I was expecting a rather significant pushback from some of my readers.

As it turns out, I received nothing but cheers and words of support here (100 comments and rising! Wow! That's more than I received with my previous big hit, "My So-Called Rights.") and with one small exception, the exact same thing happened with every single blog who posted in support of me -- and those exceptions were pretty quickly told to fuck off by various members of my Pony Posse. To my knowledge, not a single blog has written a post about my coming out in a negative light which, frankly, shocks me.

So, thank you.  Thank you to everyone who said they were proud of me, or who said I was brave, or said that this didn't change how they thought of me. That's a Big McLarge Huge deal to me, and I don't think I can effectively communicate how grateful I am at being accepted like this. I'd like to personally thank everyone who has left a comment or support, but I don't know if I'll be able to. If not, I hope this heartfelt message of thanks will suffice.

Another big "Thank you" to everyone who donated to the "Spay Squeaky" surgical fund. According to her, she has enough to make it to mid-October, which means that aside from unforeseen difficulties (and those always happen) she'll be okay until post-surgery. This means that August was a VERY successful fundraising month, where you guys obliterated all but the most outlandish of goals. Go you! Go, Team Us!  We rock!

The fundraiser will now go on hiatus for the next month, as September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and that means it's time for the annual Kilted to Kick Cancer hijinks! I am proud to throw my support behind Evyl Robot Michael and McThag, as both of them are dear friends and members of my Pony Posse, and (not insignificantly) Bronies. So if you want to donate but aren't sure who you'd like to support -- well, support one or both of them!

Finally... thank you all so very fucking much for picking "50 Shades of Gray" as the source material for my dramatic reading. While it has been pointed out to me that I could simply read the title page, dedication, and perhaps the table of contents to fulfill the letter of my obligation, I have something... special... planned. I warned you my revenge would be epic, and now you're all going to suffer. You're going to be so incredibly sorry that your pain will be legendary, even in Detroit. 


  1. Fifty Shades of Yay!

    - Ark

  2. I picked the walrus story, for what it's worth.

  3. Damnit, I was hoping to hear Erin do Jabberwocky and Bonnie read 50 Shades in what she described as her sexy telephone voice. :-)

  4. Fifty shades of jabberwocky?

  5. Well, those shoes don't go with that shirt. I mean really!


    Support me over that Robotic Simulacrum of E-ville! He's bald!

  6. Fifty Shades of Gray is comedy gold. Gilbert Gottfried did it very welll.

  7. As I lay there, I knew I was going to get snicker-snacked by his vorpal "blade"?

  8. You know, there's a 50-Shades generator somewhere on the Net. Some online compatriots of mine were posting excerpts a while back.

    SAN loss is always a pain.

  9. I've never heard of you until tonight. I followed a link from " The View From Under The Desk" and liked reading your blog. I am going to bookmark your site and become a regular reader.

  10. And I get to read Jabberwocky. Let me know when you have yours ready, so we can post at the same time.

  11. Epic Revenge takes time. First I need a copy of the book, and then I need to craft my vengeance.

  12. I know Jen can help you on the first part. I seriously can't wait to hear the vengeance.

    I have to work on my pronunciation. I haven't recited that poem in YEARS. Maybe I'll do a "phone voice" version, as well, for the folks who are disappointed that I didn't get "50 Shades."

  13. Damn, I voted for Shakespeare. Oh well. I can hardly wait to hear "the revenge".

  14. You must read a paragraph where Ana flushes.....oh wait, that's EVERY paragraph...nevermind.

  15. If you REALLY want, we can each do both. I think it would be fun to compare, and hell, I was kind of looking forward to doing my dirty voice, too. Whaddya say?

  16. Hey...I voted for Jabberwocky!!!

  17. Hmmmm....maybe "Jabberwocky" done in sexy-phone voice?

  18. If You didn't want to do it, you shouldn't have,

    A. made it an option


    B. Protested so much.

    Which effectively sealed your fate.


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