Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Gunday: End of summer ammo count

Summer is over, and the heat is receding alongside the Great Ammo Draught of 2012-13. Let's do the Grand Ammo Count and see what needs replenishment!

  • 180 rds FMJ
  • 60 rds HP
  • 675 rds FMJ  (440 of which is in a sealed spam can)
12 gauge
  • 120 rds Birdshot
  • 50 rds OO Buckshot
  • 5 Deer Slugs
  • 1050 rds FMJ
  • 140 JHP
.357 Magnum
  • 25 rds 140gr. FTX
.38 Special
  • 50 158gr RN
  • 15 130gr RN
  • 38 125gr RN
  • 1050 rds 100gr RN
  • 25 rds 90gr FTX
  • 20 rds 85gr +P JHP
22 Magnum
  • 100 40gr RN
  • 50 40gr PDX1
.22 LR
  • 400 36gr HP
  • 1748 40gr RN
I'm actually surprised at how much I still have, given that I went to a blogshoot in June. I was sure I had less than this (especially 9mm round nose), and in the instance of the 7.62x54R, I think I actually came home with more ammo than I brought down.

I'd like your thoughts on what I should beef up first  (There is no such thing as "enough" ammunition -- you either need more, or you are dangerously low and need more right now. I won't be happy until I can make a sofa-fort out of ammo cans), but here are mine:

This is somewhere between "a good start" and "sufficient -- for now."
  • 240 rounds for my SKS is simply Not Enough. I need at least 500 rds, preferably 1000. 
  • 675 rounds for my Mosin is probably good, considering how it kicks like a mule. Would still like 1000ish. 
  • Shotgun ammo is dangerously low, and probably needs to be bought first. I'm thinking a nice 250 rd case of buckshot. 
  • 9mm stores are looking good! I can practice with a clear conscience, so long as I can replenish what I shoot. 
  • No, you cannot have any of my .22LR ammo. Well, maybe if you offer sexual favors in exchange. 
  • The .38, .357, .380 and .22 Mag are for my mom's guns.  She needs more of everything, but I'm not in charge of her spending habits.  We probably have more ammo (minus the 22 Mag) in dad's room, but I'm not privy to those numbers. 
UPDATE:  I have since added 200 SKS rds and 250 rds of OO buck. 

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