Saturday, August 2, 2014

An Experiment in Patronage

Last night I had a really nifty and really evil idea for a weapons system in Traveller that I could potentially loose upon my players.  So I investigated it, statted it up, and then realized it might be too evil, even for me.

Of course, this left me with a distressing dilemma that I think all Game Masters will understand: If I don't use it, then no one will appreciate my evil brilliance and tell me what a creative and disturbed individual I am. And if no one appreciates it and I don't use it, then it's a wasted idea. And since I still might tell my players about it, I don't want to just give the idea away because then the element of surprise is lost.

That's when it occurred to me:  Patreon is all about rewarding my Patrons.

I had initially resisted the idea of Patreon because 1) I wasn't sure how I could create patron-only content when my time was already limited, and 2) the idea of holding my ideas for ransom, after doing it for free for so long, seemed distasteful.

But I think that this is a solution I can be happy with. I've already done the work, and I can let people see it without just giving it away to my players -- and if they truly want to know what it is, they can become a patron as well. It is visible to any level patron of mine, and hopefully this will attract more patronage.

And so if you are a patron of mine (and if you're not, I encourage you to become one!), you can head over to Patreon and look at the weapon system for Traveller (Mongoose Edition) that was too evil for even my own use.


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