Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Catching up with the Gunnies

Let's check in with some friends and see how they're doing, eh?  Don't worry: I won't be hitting you up for any donations. 

This time.

1)  The Onstott Family

I am pleased to report that Erik and Sabra Onstott are doing about as well as can be expected, given that their daughter with Limb Wall Body Complex died 90 minutes after she born. As her parents said, "She knew nothing but love her entire life", and that's not a bad way to go.

Yeah, I'm sorry about all the dust in here. Go get a tissue, I'll wait.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you all -- give you all the largest, sincerest, most heartfelt expression of gratitude possible -- for everything you've done for this family. Thanks to YOU, and people like you, the Onstotts have had all of their solvable problems fixed as they happened since the moment they asked for help:  their van was repaired, they found a new place, and they moved into it. Sabra's medical expenses, Psalm-Angel's funeral, all of that has been taken care of; and in the wake of her birth and death, more donations came in to their YouCaring site to help cover the shortfall that came about because Erik was missing work to be with his family. Again, thanks to you, this family didn't suffer a single late bill... and all of this was during Kilted to Kick Cancer's month.

(Psalm-Angel's memorial service is on the 21st of October.) 

2) Tin Can Assassin

Mentioned at the same time as the Onstotts, I am pleased to report that things are looking good for TCA:  for the first time in four months, he was able to hug his beloved daughter.  In addition, his wife has dropped the TRO she filed against him (purely for legal leverage if you ask me), and the two of them are moving towards reconciliation. So another big THANK YOU to everyone who donated to his legal fund or otherwise helped TCA out during those harrowing four months.

3) Squeaky Wheel

She's doing pretty well these days. She continues to have issues with Lyme and its related indignities upon her body, but her quality of life is so much better since she had her hysterectomy last year.  Oh, and she has purple hair now!

4) Borepatch

Yeah, this is a recent thing:  As of yesterday morning, Borepatch had a nasty motorcycle accident where he broke a collarbone and 7 ribs, and also bruised a lung. He's doing okay, as these things go: nothing permanently damaged, he's out of the ICU, and nothing appears broken on the bike except for the windscreen.  So go over to his page and wish him a speedy recovery, willya?

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