Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Flash Flashback

So, tonight the CW aired the pilot episode of The Flash, and it was pretty good. This ought to come as no surprise to anyone who watches Arrow, as they're cut from the same cloth (and have more or less the same executive producers). Marvel might rule the cinema, but DC owns television -- at least until ABC picks up that "Agent Carter" series I've been hearing about.

Also, I was really quite impressed with the nod to TV history by the casting of John Wesley Shipp -- the star of the 1990 version of The Flash -- as Barry Allen's father. I might have even let out a fangirl squeal at that.

Equally nifty were little visual references that might pay off (a broken animal cage with the word "Grodd" on a nameplate) and might not (testing at a Ferris Aircraft runway).  Oh, and a throwaway bit at the very end about a future merger between Queen Industries and Wayne Technologies, which gladdens my heart because it's a reference, however oblique, to Batman existing in the CWiverse.

And then there's Barry's traumatic past, which likely ties in with a certain character we've already seen -- who fans will have recognized by name alone, and who casual fans probably won't have even noticed.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that the head of STAR Labs, Harrison Wells, has a middle name that starts with the letter "G"...

All in all, a good show:  good acting, fun writing ("Lighting gave me abs?"), great special effects, and a more lighthearted feel than the (deliberately) gloomy Arrow.

But you know the real reason I'm writing about this?  Because it's all about me. Me me me me me. Back in 2008, I wrote a post about the Flash that I felt didn't get the traction (hurr hurr) it deserved, and now I have an amazing opportunity to re-use it!

Some of you folks may have heard of Goldentusk, a YouTubie who writes lyrics to well known theme songs (Superman, Batman, and James Bond, to note a few). But I've noticed that, well, he missed one. Notably, a certain scarlet speedster who had his own short-lived series in 1990.
Naturally, I have corrected this glaring oversight. Do feel free to sing along!
(PS: Wait until the 7 second mark.) 
A flash of light

Is very fright

This is how I

As I go fly

And hit my own logo...
(ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow my ego)

Bolt from the blue
Now I see you
Justice is swift
D'you catch my drift?

Demon in red
Cannot be shed
I will pursue
You have no clue

I am the Flash, the monarch of motion
I'll knock you on your ass!
I am the Flash, the fastest man alive
And I run really fast!

This is my love interest
Tina McGee
She's replaced Iris

Then there's this guy
What is his name?

He's Julio
(was never canon)
I gotta go
(get my run on)
Bust some heads!

And you'd!
Think that!
I am seeee-
cretly police scientist Barry Allen!

And just in case you didn't find that amusing, I leave you with this:

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