Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New Look

So, as you may have noticed (unless you read this by email or a feed reader), I've changed the colors a little bit.  I felt it was time for a change, and enough people have told me that they found the white on black painful for their eyes that it was time to try something new. Hopefully the light gray will be easy enough to read while still indulging my desire for dark colors.

Fewer of you may have noticed that a while back I experimented with removing Disqus from this blog. The short version of the experiment is that I didn't like the results: I lost very useful functionality and gained nothing in return. I had hoped that by removing it I would get more commenters (because comments are the preciousss to a blogger) but that didn't happen, so now Disqus is back. If you are one of the folks who has tried to leave a comment and has failed, I apologize;  I had no problems registering for a Disqus account. The only solution I can offer is for you to email me (erin dot palette at gmail dot com) and I will personally help you set up your account.

And... that's about it, really. My allergies are kicking my butt, and I'm inexplicably sad, so no real content out of me today. I mostly did administrative work here and at Blue Collar Prepping, but that's at least something accomplished.

Would you like to cheer me up a bit?  Please head over to BCP  and add yourself to the Followers and/or Networked Blogs widget. Seeing large numbers of followers cheers me up for some silly reason.

Thank you, goodnight, and hopefully the free ice cream will resume tomorrow.

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